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  2008-09 Academic Year
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 Assessment Issues
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PLO Coverage
Analysis of PLO coverage in core courses
Its ingredients...
Today @ 8:36 PM
by Retcardalex
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Peer Review Team Concerns re Assurance of Learning
Faculty suggestions and comments on the AACSB standards section on assurance of learning and standards 15-18 and 20, in the 2007 Self-Study Report (SER)
Xung quanh về c...
Today @ 8:07 PM
by Legolas
 Critical Thinking
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MGT 490, Spring 2008
The student work examples are collected from MGT 490 taught in spring 2008.
How To Write We...
Today @ 2:39 PM
by IPL
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ACC 230, Section 4
(This is just a demo to show how each assessment forum should be organized to facilitate peer assessmnet) Assessing ACC 230, Section 4 in fall 2008, regarding critical thinking skills
Re: Buying caps...
Today @ 9:57 AM
by Abedabun
 SR & Ethics
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Teaching Ethics in MGT 310
Re: Goog Post
Today @ 6:54 PM
by daryl
 Information Technology
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CIS 370, Section 1, Fall 2008
(This is just a demo) Assessing IT skills according to the rubric posted on our aacsb website (accessed on Sep. 21, 2008)
Re: Karnataka S...
Yesterday @ 10:38 PM
by SarangKaith

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